Tea Fueled Art Loon.
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Here’s a sneak peek at a project i’m working on. Birthstone Dragons!
There are two extras in the mix because there are some months that are confused and have more than one stone associated with it :P


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A commission for a friend of mine, he’s a goofball :P

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Comic Con~

I’m going! If you’re going send me a note, maybe i’ll find you while i’m running around like a headless chicken!  WOOOooo~

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The original tea stain is on 12x18 Canson watercolor paper, so it took a few more scans to get all of it. 

Free to use textures ahoy~ :3

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My 18th and final portfolio piece that I will drag to Comic Con

cheers o w o

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Tea texture made with rose, black and green teas on Canson watercolor paper :)

free to use.

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Lair of the Hagmonster

- portfolio piece

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A collab with a friend of mine who’s a fan of Frank Frazettas work. 
I wasn’t really sure I could pull this off buuuut, IT’S A THING :V

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Faces of Pidgen~

Pidgen is the main character of a comic i’m working on (kind of) lol

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