Tea Fueled Art Loon.
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Bohemian Kanga lady, because fuzzies :V

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More tea/flower stain textures ^^
Free to use, enjoy <3

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One of my bottle adopts on FA :3
person wanted a elk/elf centaur with crystal antlers~ <3

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Keebla are strange but beautiful creatures that appeared rather suddenly from the depths of the ocean. They can breathe water as well as air and are rumored to be the rare offspring of a sea monster and a human female. They can change between genders at will or they can remain completely androgynous. Keebla have full control of all the tentacles on their body, and prefer to use the four large ones coming from their backs to handle things rather than their hands. Though their hands have one single suction cup each if they really need to hold on to something. 

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This is Zip the fabulous androgynous shiny Banette. Here in their mega evolved form, because zippers :V

 idfk, honestly


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damn this song is stuck in my head now~

Zoe my cawala ( cat x koala ) finds that this is her jam~ XD

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mokoni Asked:


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Green tea stain with some experimental crushed flower petals thrown in~
I’ll probably explore these things more when I get the time


feel free to use it!

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A commission for two of my friends that are expecting a little girl next month :3

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Yu Lin for Onisuu <3

she’s amazing and let me do an art trade with her T w T / ~ all my luff!